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the sclpt band



the sclpt band 

1 oz cleaning spray

resusable carry pouch

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the sclpt balm



the sclpt balm

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the sclpt band

the workout band set

the sclpt balm

1 oz cleaning spray

reusable carry pouch



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Professional Athletes and Fitness Instructors 

  • “Experiencing design and product testing over 15+ years in my professional career, I am extremely proud to have co-created products I use everyday. I truly cannot workout without the sclpt workout balm and the sclpt band combo!"

    -Malia Manuel
    Professional Surfer / Yoga & Fitness Instructor

    Co-Founder of the sclpt co 

  • "the sclpt band is an essential accessory to all my workouts. Often, I'm limited on time before work in the mornings. By wearing the sclpt band I sweat 10x more, making a 30 min workout feel like an hour! I love how quickly I can feel my core temperature rise. As an workout enthusiast I know how problematic it can be pushing too fast, too soon without properly warming up your muscles. It's not only enhancing my workouts but my recovery as well!"

    -Kandace Wolshin
    Co-Founder of the sclpt co

  • the sclpt band has been the best addition to all my sweaty workouts. Whether in the gym for a HIIT workout, studio infrared classes or an outdoor beach run it's the best to just bring the extra heat. It totally makes my core nice and toasty bringing the extra sweat but I also just love the feeling of slight compression around my trunk helping me to engage my entire core. As a personal trainer I have already had clients get their own to add to their at-home sessions I have programmed. So stoked on the sclpt co and the product itself- it is addicting ;) "

    -Jill Ackerman
    Coach/Personal Trainer, Jurassic Health Club

  • "Ever since I’ve tried the sclpt co products, it's always incorporated into my workouts now, especially the mini sclpt band. Not only does it make you feel good after a workout, but it really helps strengthen and activate your core during any type of movement. It also has been helpful for my posture while working out. the sclpt band is a key factor in my training routine. It helps me feel good as well as look good, and I couldn’t imagine working out without it now."

    -Luana Silva
    Professional Surfer

  • "I love using the sclpt band because it not only helps with creating warmth for my entire body, but it's a reminder to really engage my core. I definitely feel a difference when teaching or working out."

    -Megan Godinez
    Professional Surfer and Fitness Instructor, Uproar Fitness

  • “I love working out for many reasons, but the effect it has on my mood is what I love the most. I’ve found that the sclpt band helps my body warm up faster and sweat more. At the end of a workout, I feel more of a drop in my stress level and an increase in endorphins when I wear it. Whether I’m performing compound lifts, interval training, yoga or walking the beach, the sclpt band is comfortable and effective!”

    -Leah McCan
    Fitness Instructor

Customer Reviews

  • “I love it! Motivating me to workout!”


  • "I used the band today in my workout and it helps soooo much! It’s gets me warm and honestly helps so much with posture!"


  • “I haven’t been able to sweat as much lately due to an injury and today on my walk I totally perspired with the sclpt band.”

    -Kiana, age 28

  • “I’m very happy with this product, it’s very comfortable, easy to wear, very stretchy, and sweats alot around the waist line and belly.”


  • “I wear mine everyday, and it’s sculpting my body!” 

    -Jane, age 63