Kandace Wolshin and Malia Manuel

We created the sclpt co to enhance daily movement, at home or on-the-go.

As a professional surfer, my competitive career saw me spending countless months on the road traveling. Together with Kandace, an avid surfer and traveler herself, we realized most times we were missing a key component during our workouts - heat and sweat. Being born and raised in a climate like Hawai'i, the satisfaction of a workout is symbiotic with how much you perspire. The sclpt band was born with the simple concept of bringing the heat of home to any workout around the world. It was designed to look & feel as chic as possible, while having the versatility to complement any style of workout. 

An important part of our mission at the sclpt co is to put an emphasis on both quality and sustainability. We are immensely proud of our efforts guiding us to find ethical supply chains for our products, as well as choosing biodegradable and/or recycled packaging options. 

the sclpt co’s goal and vision is to promote health and wellness by naturally enhancing workouts and recovery techniques. We are committed to sculpting the mind, body and spirit through our practices. We strive to consciously sculpt into the best version of ourselves daily and inspire others to do the same.

With Aloha,
Malia Manuel and Kandace Wolshin