the burn bundle

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the burn bundle includes:

-the sclpt band (choose your size below)
-the sclpt workout balm (individual)
-the workout band set
-1oz the sclpt band cleaning spray

Size XS

The sclpt band is the first eco-friendly sweatband, made with limestone based neoprene, nylon and water-based glue. The sclpt band is designed to increase your core temperature, enhancing the body's natural ability to perspire. The band is made to fit comfortably around your waist during exercise, giving you the flexibility for high-impact movements or stretching.

A velcro patch will offer a wide range of sizing.
Please refer to the size chart link to determine your best fit. Additionally, hover over image to find ruler icon for model sizing.

The sclpt band is best worn low on the waist, under your ribcage. It has a flexible fit, allowing you adjust the tightness depending on your workout. Wearing the band will help bring awareness to your core and overall posture.

For best results use the all natural workout balm under the sclpt band.

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how to care for the sclpt band

all-natural cleaning spray

Complimentary 1oz cleaning spray with a purchase of the sclpt band.

Additional information

After every use, wipe the band's interior layer with a towel and our all-natural cleaning spray to remove any residue, oil, or leftover workout balm.

Washing instructions:
Machine wash in cold water after every few uses.

It is best if the band is washed in a mesh garment bag on a low spin cycle. To dry, hang out of direct sunlight.

The sclpt band materials were selected consciously to be as eco-friendly as possible.

It is made with premium grade limestone based neoprene, put together with water-based glue and also is latex free. Our factory uses 77% less emissions when manufacturing hence contributing to our eco-friendly practices.

The smooth interior may mature in texture over time depending on the amount used. Minimizing leftover oil on the interior will help improve the longevity of the sclpt band.

The sclpt band is designed to be worn during exercise. While the sclpt band provides back and core awareness, it is not intended to replace a weight/lifting belt.

Please read our full disclaimer and terms of service at the bottom of our webpage below.

refill your cleaning spray

the sclpt band cleaner

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An all natural cleaner formulated to keep the sclpt band and other workout accessories clean after use.

Infused with tea tree essential oil.